The story

Empowering and Showcasing Nigerian Entrepreneurs Synopsis

Structure of the process

1. Regional Screening
In the first regional screening stage we reduce the thousands of entries to 720, 120 from each of the 6 geo political zones of Nigeria.

2. Caught in the Act (CIA) Operation
While the 720 who qualify for auditions sweat it out in front of the International panel of judges – the CIA (Caught in the act) operation is underway. The host on his power bike and crew dressed men in black style, investigate the legitimacy of existing businesses with big ideas to see if the reality matches the claim.

3. They go about their investigation on power bike, canoe, keke (tuc tuc ) by any means necessary. (This will entertaining segment will feature in 12 episodes).

The 500 beneficiaries receive:

  • Grants
  • Websites
  • Single digit interest loans
  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Web business campaign that exposes them to angel investors

The structure outlined above is for you to understand how we process the large volume of applicants. This however is not the format of the show.

A.Y.E. doesn’t follow the traditional knock out format of other reality shows. Rather we feature the most interesting and diverse entrepreneurs

What sets A.Y.E apart from other entrepreneurial reality shows is that it also caters for grass roots entrepreneurs like artisans and farmers.